At ZINNER, simplicity is at our core. Every top-up you make to your ZINNER Balance brings you a Cashback in ZIN Coins, and 1% of your top-up amount goes to the ZIN Impact Program. Plus, every transaction you make at a ZIN Merchant adds more ZIN Coins to your account. It’s that simple – the more you engage, the more ZIN Coins you earn, making your ZINNER experience even more rewarding.

How To get ZIN Coins

  • At ZIN, we’ve designed a straightforward approach for our members to accumulate ZIN Coins. When you make a top-up transaction of at least IDR 300,000, we express our gratitude with a generous 20% cashback reward in ZIN Coins.

  • Furthermore, with every transaction using ZINNER Balance or cash, you’re eligible to receive 1% of the transaction value in ZIN Coins.

  • Even when making payments in cash or card (without ZINNER Balance) at any ZIN Merchant, ZIN Coins can be easily credited to your ZINNER Account. Just request the merchant to add the ZIN Coins through the ZIN app.

  • Our members enjoy the flexibility of using both their ZINNER Balance and ZIN Coins for any transaction. What’s more, the cashback from ZIN Coins is calculated based on the total ZINNER Balance utilized in the transaction. We believe this program offers a distinctive opportunity for our members to accumulate rewards and optimize their ZIN experience.

How To use ZIN Coins

  • 1 ZIN Coins is equivalent to 1 ZINNER Balance, which is equal to 1 Indonesian Rupiah.
  • ZIN Coins can be used for any transaction and is combinable with ZINNER Balance.
  • To make a payment with ZIN Coins, simply visit a ZIN Merchant and complete your transaction using your ZIN Coins from the ZINNER App.