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What is zinner

ZINNER isn’t just a loyalty program; it’s your key to unlocking a world of exclusive benefits with ZIN Company. It’s about turning every transaction into a rewarding experience. Leave cash and cards behind – embrace the future with your mobile phone and access the full range of ZIN Products.

The true power of ZINNER lies in topping up your ZINNER Value. Doing so grants you a remarkable 20% Cashback in the form of ZIN Coins – a value you can use without limitations. There are no constraints, no hidden fees, and you have the freedom to use it whenever and for whatever you desire at any ZIN Merchant.

But that’s not all. With every transaction at a ZIN Merchant, you also earn 1% in ZIN Coins.


“The more you Spend, the more we Give.”


Welcome to the next level of loyalty – welcome to ZINNER. Your transactions have never been this valuable.

For every top-up of ZINNER Balance will automatically become 1% of the donation for ZIN Impact Program.

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ZIN Coins

ZIN Coin is our way of saying ‘thank you’ every time you engage with ZIN Merchants. Through your regular transactions, you earn these points, quietly accumulating value with each purchase. These points, aptly named ZIN Coins, hold the key to an array of benefits.

Redeemable for any transaction, ZIN Coins offer a straightforward and rewarding experience. What’s more, they seamlessly complement your ZINNER Balance, allowing you to enhance your savings effortlessly.

It’s simple, it’s rewarding, and it’s our way of appreciating your loyalty. ZIN Coin makes your ZIN Merchant visits even more satisfying.

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