ZINNER Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

Our simple & easy term and conditions :


  • Eligibility. Anyone is eligible for the ZIN Loyalty Program, no joining fee, no membership fees.
  • No minimum amount for first deposit.
  • Amounts deposited will receive an instant additional 25% extra cash value.
  • Unlimited top-ups.
  • Amount can be spent at anytime


  • Validity. Valid until the end of time (Cards must be used at least one time per year to remain valid)
    Transferable to your friends and loved ones.
  • Card replacement. Replace lost or broken cards easily at a fee of IDR 50,000 (I.D must be presented)
  • Card Cancellation & refunds. A Member may cancel membership at any time by sending written notice of cancellation with 48 hrs notice. Refunds will be given on the balance remaining subject to a 25% extra cash value adjustment and administration fee.
  • Duplicate Accounts. A member may not have one or more duplicate accounts under the ZIN Loyalty Program at any time.


  • Can be used for all ZIN products & services.
  • Use of ZIN Loyalty for payments not valid with any other running promotions or discounts.
  • Payments for goods and services cannot be a combination of ZIN Loyalty Card and cash or bank card payments.
  • Refunds on any purchase made with ZIN Loyalty card will be re-credited to the ZIN Loyalty Card balance.

By opening a ZIN Loyalty Program membership account, you agree that:

  • you have read and accept these Program Rules; and you have read and accept the terms & Conditions which are incorporated by reference herein; and
  • you consent to the collection, use of your personal data the ZIN Loyalty Program
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